Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Week to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is this coming and I am beyond excited. Not only does that mean I get to spend a day with my family, but Friday marks the official beginning of the Christmas season. And I do love me some Christmas. But before I can get to Thursday, I have to get through Monday-Wednesday. This usually wouldn't be such a hard task, but I'm a busy little bee this week. I have to go by a strict schedule starting at 7 in the morning and I won't quit until 10 at night. I have to clean, craft, shop, and write a book report. Oh, and rehearsal. So I basically have no time to relax. I'm going, doing, seeing nonstop until Thursday, which is still scheduled to a tee. Luckily Friday is a bit more carefree. We're putting the tree up and watching Christmas movies. I also have some shopping to do for Thanksmas (which is one big reason I am so blasted busy). It's an exciting time. Especially since this Christmas will not be spent in a hospital like last year (we hope...).

The holidays may be stressful, but they are oh so worth the crazy amount of planning that goes into all of it. I have been planning my butt off for Thanksmas. I love being the queen of it, though. I am in total charge of the memories for myself and my friends on that day. Plus, this is my very last chance to celebrate the holidays with them. I'm soaking up the awesome.

I was thinking, and I honestly do not remember last Thanksgiving. I know it happened...but I can't seem to remember any of the details. Which is strange, because I always remember the holidays. I began to think... I need to document these things... I want to be able to tell my children stories from my youth. Especially holiday memories. The fact I have forgotten an entire Thanksgiving breaks my heart. I remember practically every Thanksgiving and Christmas right down to what I wore (and sometimes, what everyone else wore). So, I've decided to actually attempt to blog. Even though I used to sort of make fun of the act. But to be clear, I'm doing it for myself. So I can come back and look at events of my life. Not get Internet famous (not that I would object).

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