Friday, September 26, 2014

Standing Up

I posted a little on Instagram about the shirt I am wearing today. It is from an organization called Fight the New Drug ( ). I urge you to watch the video on their home screen.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I discover a problem, I do my best to stand up and find a way to fix it. I am too stubborn to just sit down and accept defeat. I fight for the use of the word retard(ed) to be erased from every day slang vocabulary and for the world to recognize the worth of those with special needs.
I am passionate about this topic and...

But I realized that I have been missing a passion toward fixing the biggest issue of  all: Sin.

So I want to start this with my shirt, with a beginning to warn the world of the dangers of pornography and that area of sin.

Pornography has been so normalized by our society that to the world, there is no problem... It is just another form of entertainment and sex is just a bodily desire created to be satisfied. When we view sex in this way, we lose the beauty in its purpose that was created by God. Sex is not a bad thing when kept in its proper context, and we should treat the subject with respect and speak of it in a mature manner.
Porn does the exact opposite of that. Not only are people now having sex for their career, they're doing it for others to watch. The whole idea completely objectifies the human body and loses the beauty of love. It gives viewers completely unrealistic expectations of the opposite sex. When you really think about it, there are pictures and videos of the perfect men and women plastered all around us. We see them wearing little clothing and begin to imagine and desire traits that are just not realistic or even respectable. It can cause us to dismiss a wonderful person as "not good enough" in terms of physical attraction. Pornography, however, is on a level even deeper than Victoria's Secret or Hanes underwear ads.
It is the ultimate form of sexualizing humans and defaming the perfect plan God made when He created man and woman and sex.
I don't know about you, but I would never want a man I love to look at women portrayed in these ads or in porn, and compare me to them.I would never want him to look at them at all! The thought triggers a feeling of jealousy. Not that I see myself as inferior, but I don't want those women to have his attention.

I realize that porn is not just a man's problem. Women have desires, too. We can be tempted and tossed about in the same ways and porn is just as available to us as it is to men. But I obviously cannot speak from the man's perspective.

We wonder why sexual violence is rising and why teen pregnancy is a major issue. We wonder why children (yes, I mean CHILDREN) are becoming sexually active...
And the answer is right in front of our faces. And we SUPPORT it.

As I said in my instagram post, ignoring the problem is the same as supporting it.

Ignoring SIN is the same as supporting SIN.

I wanted to preface this post with the issue of pornography, but the real issue here is sin in its many forms. We lie, cheat, steal, curse, smoke, lust, live through greed. We are selfish and we give in to fleshly desire...we forsake our God...

We fall. And sometimes it's really hard to get back up from a fall into the pit of sin. But it is possible. We can never give up... Jesus died for us to have the opportunity to rise above it. We need to stand up against sin, refuse to never sit down and fight it tooth and nail. And I don't just mean for ourselves. We need to fight for our brothers and sisters and help them out of that pit. Trials are so much easier to face when you have those who love you right behind you, supporting you with every step.

We have to make sure others know they will not be dismissed or written off as a hopeless sinner if they come to us. My goal is for people to know that they can tell me their struggles and their temptations so I can do my best to help them through those tribulations. I have people I know I can tell my most secret of sins to and I can get support... but not everyone is comfortable enough to confess those things.
Fellow Christians, we need to make it a priority to open ourselves up and tell one another our problems. This is the most important kind of accountability buddy and we NEED them in our lives in order to win the battle against sin.

You can't win a war alone. But with Christ and those who love you, you can defeat the enemy and rise above your sin.

This is not the end... Please, please...never sit down against sin.

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