Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Valentine Debate

It seems like there are two teams on Valentine's Day...The ones who LOVE it and the ones who are totally against it.

Then there's little ol me. Who is smack dab in the middle. I don't love it...I don't think it's the best thing ever... I think you should tell people you love them everyday. Buy them a flower just because, not because you feel obligated... But I also see it as a day to splurge and feel like you have a valid excuse. Plus, I'm always willing to celebrate. Life should be celebrated. So if people do that by gifting obnoxiously large teddy bears, balloons, or the cliche red roses and heart shaped box of choclates, then by all means celebrate!

A lot of single people find it depressing.This single girl isn't depressed by February 14th. I see it as an excuse to do something special for anyone you love, not just a significant other. Your mom, dad, sibling, best friend, whomever. Just be happy and take the opportunity to say "I love you." "I appreciate you." "You mean so much to me."
But don't just do it on the 14th. Do it on the 15th. The 13th. Do it on June 22nd. Do it every day.

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