Friday, January 2, 2015


In my older years, ringing in the new year has become significantly more fun. I mean, it certainly doesn't beat Christmas...but it has it's own vibe, for sure. It is such a grand opportunity to reflect on the past, evaluate the present, and look forward to the future.

2014 was a year of great growth for me in so many ways. It deserves a serious high five, really.

Here's a run down of major events:

April: Partied on a yacht for the first time thanks to the Sophomore cruise.

Graduated with my Associates of Arts degree and said good bye to some incredibly important people. 

Turned 20

Started a new summer job as a camp counselor with some really wonderful people.

The first of our group of girls got married. We all reunited in North Carolina to watch my roommate marry the love of her life. 

Began my junior year and moved in with my lovely Abby. We all went to Caladesi Island to kick off the semester. 


Went to Disney World for the first [real] time!

Went trick or treating with my favorite Florida family

Dealt with being separated from my best friend with lots of phone calls and Skype dates 

 Went to Disney World again for the Christmas party. Libby fell off of Caleb's shoulders in front of the castle. 

Saw a protest in Downtown Tampa before the tree lighting ceremony...

I don't set resolutions, but I do like to think of ways I can improve, not just in the new year, but in general. I also like to list things I would love to do at some point. 
This year I hope to continue the personal growth spurt I have hit within myself and try new things. I also really hope to travel a little more and take more advantage of my time in Florida. 

Here's to new chances. 

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