Thursday, January 12, 2012

I should be...

Doing homework.
Doing Laundry.
And a million other things.

But it's cold outside,the sky is crying ice, and I have been in sweat pants since I heard the news our very last dress rehearsal was cancelled. I think a nice evening inside baking cupcakes and reading the Bible curled up on the couch sounds better than any of those "should be"s. Maybe that makes me slightly irresponsible. Or maybe it makes me wise. I pick makes me feel better about myself. Either way. I needed this little vacation. It might be sad that a vacation for me is to not worry about homework, actually have time to clean the bathroom, eat pizza, and bake cupcakes. Yep. Splendid splendid mini vacation. Although after I finish this post and my Bible reading, I will probably end my vacation with reading in my literature bok or cleaning my room.

I have decided my word for the year is "enjoy". I need to enjoy things more. So far so good.

10 Things I Enjoyed this week
1) Crisp winter air
2) Suspender dances in the dressing room with Maddy
3) Sweat pants
4) Miss Prism clothes
5) Backstage couch whisper chats
6) Choir
7) No Motlow
8) Snow (no matter how little)
9) Friend hugs
10) Those few quiet moments

Now I'm off to continue my luxury vacation with putting clothes away and icing cupcakes. Good Thursday Evening all! Come see The Importance of Being Earnest at the MAC!

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