Monday, April 15, 2013

"When all else fails"

It isn't uncommon for things to happen that we just do not and cannot understand. This can be in our personal lives or the lives of everyone in the nation.

The attack in Boston today has me jolted. When seeing the news online today,  my heart sank and I just thought, "Oh, please, no..." It seems like as soon as the country is able to stand back up after one tragedy it is knocked down by another.
When the earth beneath us is suddenly shaking without ceasing and we cannot regain our balance, the population decides to turn to God. We realize we aren't going to be able to keep upright without help from something beyond the physical and we cry out "Oh my God!" this time not in vain, but in distress. We plead for help, for just a boost because we finally see that we can't do it alone. We can't stop the earth from shaking.
It is in times of pain and panic that we turn to God for peace. We pray for ourselves and those who may be grieving or lost or scared. We ask for comfort, for answers, for something to get us through.
I sit in the same desk in psychology every day. Scribbled in the corner, someone has written (here's a big nod to the fact I go to a Christian school) "God does not forget us in our distress, so why should be forget Him in our abundance?"

When the earth is shaking and we cannot stand, we cry out to Him. But when it calms and we can safely pull ourselves out of the rubble and walk the streets with joy in our hearts, we don't think we need Him anymore.

I think we are all guilty of this at some point, myself included. I praise God for guiding me through my challenges, but do I praise Him for just being? For caring for me when I mistakenly put Him on the back burner.

This happens every time a tragedy occurs in America. I am no by any means saying it is particularly bad. But when something such as this atrocity in Boston happens that FaceBook friends pop up with "Praying" or "Pray for"... Friends who it is, honestly, a surprise that they apparently believe in God at all. And wow did that sound judgemental of me.

It is like "when all else fails, I'll turn to God..."
When it should be that we face God at all times, knowing that when all else fails He will still be there.

Although is world will one day end, God is never ceasing.
"God does not forget us in our distress, so why should we forget Him in our abundance?"

I am praying for those affected by the tragedy in Boston today and I am praying for those who caused it. I am also thanking God for those who escaped unscathed, physically, and for the blessings all around us. But mainly, I am thanking Him for sending His son to die so we have the opportunity to leave this sinful, terrifying world and spend eternity with Him in heaven.

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