Monday, January 20, 2014

[Home] Sick Day

This morning, my goal was to sleep in as late as possible. That may sound pretty simple, but not for me. My body gets stuck on its own alarm and I wake up no later than 9. I was hoping to make it past 9...but I woke up at 7:00. 7:00 on MY DAY OFF. The one day since last Saturday I didn't have to set an alarm and I wake up like I actually have my 8:15 class. I rolled over and forced another, albeit interrupted, hour and a half of rest before trudging out of bed. I walked the whole 6 feet to the couch and dropped. The sun was streaming through the blinds and I suddenly got this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I missed home. I wanted it to be a Tennessee spring day out with my dad. Or in...but with the windows open and the sound of a neighbor mowing his yard. I wanted to run around outside, barefooted, with my dog.

But I'm in Florida.

12 hours from home.

With a load of homework that has been neglected all weekend until the last possible moment (in true college kid fashion).

It was one of those moments where you can't help but roll your eyes. Not at anyone in particular, just at life in general.

I am so not in the mood for school... I want to go to the beach. To the park. To the mall. I want to go skydiving (ok...not really, but you get my point). I want out of this FC bubble for a little while and enjoy what's around me.

I think being homesick might be worse than having a cold... At least, for me. It wears me out just like being sick, but my brain gets extra foggy and I can't seem to focus or think about anything. Every time I tried to read or study, my thoughts would wander to how I want to be home, or out doing something that gets my mind off of the fact I want to be home.

There is no prescription to cure homesickness. It isn't a virus or an infection. It's a state of heart...when you know part of you belongs somewhere you aren't. Yet, on the other hand, you know the other part of you belongs right where you are. And everything gets conflicted.

I get to go home in March for spring break. And really, May is not that far away either. Then I will be home for the summer. I do not want to wish a second of my life away because I know just how fast it moves and that I will never get that second back.

Tomorrow is back to class. I have two tests this week, and 3 days of work. I have homework and laundry and dishes and Bible class to teach. I won't have time to think about how I miss home, but instead my wheels start turning and they will not stop for quite some time. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I will see you soon enough, Tennessee. For now, I have to get Florida in my mind, and more importantly, school in my mind.

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(this actually wasn't one of my daily scavenge, but roommate is engaged and I am pretty darn thankful for that.)

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