Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the world, 2014!

Well, when finals hit, I pretty much ignored the world in a way. Especially once I got home, I just tried to soak up my three weeks off from academia and responsibility to slow down...except I ended up being pretty busy and slow wasn't particularly how it ended up going. Regardless, I really enjoyed my vacation and I certainly wasn't ready for it to end. I'm back to reality now and classes start tomorrow. I get to begin my semester with golf at 9:15 tomorrow morning. Huzzah.

I have a lot to catch up on since I took quite the hiatus on this little online world of mine. I won't bother going back to Christmas...that's too far away. I will, however, touch on the year that we are now 6 days into. I got to start it off with one of my favorite groups of people. Sparklers, cider, and love abounding...what better way to start something new? I used to hate the dread of change that came with the new year...but now I see it as a place unexplored. There is endless potential, ceaseless opportunity and it is all mine for the taking. How wonderful is that? It is refreshing to say the least. I am ready and excited for the new that will enter my life in 2014, albeit sad to say so long to the days of 2013. I'm not much into new year's resolutions, but I am all for projects.

I spoke of doing a daily scavenge before, and now that I have a smart phone it is worlds easier. If  you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen them all so far.. 365 pictures may seem like a lot, but in a world that can be filled with struggle, it will be nice to look back on the things I am thankful for. It will be a great reminder. In fact, it already is. On those days where nothing seems to go right, I am forced to find a nugget of joy. How is it we so easily overlook the purest of blessings? I am excited to keep this going every day... I invite you to join me! I use the hashtags #365grateful and #dailyscavenge

Another project is reading through the Bible this year. I am using a reading plan on my phone Bible (I use OliveTree).

I also want to write more. I feel so invigorated when I write, whether fiction or non... So hopefully I will be here weekly and make this blog feel a bit more homey. Maybe make more of an effort to make this a thing? Who knows what the future holds. Here are some of my favorite pictures from break.

Happy year of new opportunities!

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