Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Need for Me Time and not-so Me Time

There is something about having the perfect alone time that can make a day take a total 360. While I, from firsthand experience, do not advise too much alone time, it is essential for me to function.
There are times when the last thing I want is to be alone, and that is alright. But sometimes, I get so caught up in being with the people that I love that I forget to really take time for me. Usually, if I'm alone I'm playing around on the Internet, reading blogs or articles about who knows what...but I'm not so sure I consider that "me time". At least, not good me time.

My morning did not start out as I would've liked. I was exhausted last night and tried to go to bed early, but it just didn't quite work sleep was interrupted almost hourly and I woke up less than rested to say the least. Then I found out I would have to end up paying more for something than I thought and budgeted for which frustrated me and frustration plus exhaustion almost always equals overreaction and tears (it did, if you were wondering). But luckily, today I had a 2 hour break after my 11:00 class. So, I grabbed some lunch, ran back to my room and fixed a pot of coffee. It brewed as I curled into my bed for a quick nap and made the whole room carry the comforting aroma of coffee. I slept for about half an hour and got up with my alarm to fix a cup of coffee (peppermint mocha creamer, I'm clinging to the last bit of the holidays). The rest of the time before class was spent drinking my coffee and just taking it slow and quiet. I am beginning to appreciate silence more and more... It gives me the opportunity to reflect, to pray, to just be. When you reconnect with yourself, it is much easier to stay connected to the world and your responsibilities. I don't remember the last time  I felt so rejuvenated. I am still pretty exhausted, but my mood has changed exponentially.

Being alone offers time set aside to think about things in depth. It can result in personal reminders of what I'm after in this life. What am I trying to achieve? What can I do to lift someone's spirits? How have I glorified God with my life lately? It is valuable time that I am grateful for. Sometimes it is just necessary to plan out time to give myself so I don't get overwhelmed with life.

That all being said, I also cherish my time with those I love. This semester it is a big goal of mine to soak up time with my friends... I have created friendships that I know in my heart of hearts will last a lifetime. I know that even if we have been apart for years, we will come back together and pick up like it was a night in the dorms, laughing or having deep discussions. I cannot express the blessings these girls are in my life. And I know it's going to be a sad parting after this semester. I am so sad to say it is out last semester all together, but I am beyond excited to see what we all do as we continue to grow. There is something special about our relationships and I refuse to take that for granted. These days are so precious to me. I am determined to try to spend as much time with them as much as possible. Even if that means just sitting in silence in the same room all doing separate homework or watching a movie.

These girls make me strive to be better. They encourage me. What a blessing it is to have such beautiful, caring, sisters in Christ.

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