Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Blessing, Indeed.

Just a short thought for today...

Today marks one month since I moved to FC. One month away from my family, from my friends in Tennessee. This is the longest I have ever been away from my family, but I am not the awful puddle of emotions I expected to be at this point. You know why? Because I am blessed. Oh so blessed...Blessed beyond my own comprehension. The people I have met...the experiences I have only ONE month. I can feel the shift within me, I know I am changing, growing into a stronger Christian and an adult. Even though I miss everyone in Tennessee, and although I still have difficult times, I look at what my life has been and what is has become and think "How did I get so lucky? How do I have such an amazing life? Why have I been so blessed?" and I realize, I cannot look at my past or present, or think forward to my future and be disappointed in this life I am leading. How could I have such amazing friends and family, have such an INCREDIBLE God and not be happy? How can I not praise His name for what I have?

In this month, I have already learned so much... I have new friends who I feel like I have known my entire life. I love where I am. I look forward to going back for a visit, but I know I will be ready to come back here to this new home away from home.


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