Friday, September 7, 2012

A New Purpose

I have decided to put a new spin on this blog and make it solely for my lower classmen (well, you're all technically upper classmen, but to're younger. So there.) friends to give them tips on how to survive college and for my family to keep them up to date on the happenings in my life with pictures and such so they know I'm not dead. (I'm not dead!).
So here's a start....
Florida is way different from Tennessee. It's hot here. I mean, it was hot in TN, too, but it's different hot...The air is always thick. And it's hurricane season, so it rains almost every day for at least a little while... For example, one day it was totally clear and sunny all through the day until after my last class. Luckily, I was already in my dorm, but it suddenly came a DOWNPOUR for about 10 minutes. Stopped. 20  minutes later, repeated the cycle. So I  have learned to carry an umbrella with me constantly, and if I *think* it's going to rain, I should wear rain boots...because with my luck, it won't rain. No joke. Every time I wear my rain boots, it doesn't rain. Another thing I learned is I need a raincoat...
So, here's a pretty darn common sense rule to my loverlies still in high school, BE PREPARED. The Lion King tells it best...
But really,  you'll realize you need things you never thought you would need. Here are some things I discovered that I personally never thought of needing, but now need.
  1. Sugar packets
  2. Cutlery (plastic works best)
  3. Extra rags for cleaning
  4. Dish soap (this is a bit more of a no brainer if you actually have a kitchen...but we don't, so...)
  5. Plastic bags (for trash bags...bring a lot and save all you end up with when you get there)
I'll add more as I think of them. But really think things through while packing. There are some weird things you may not think to bring unless you're getting really creative.
Oh, And ladies. Don't forget your bras. Because I forgot the majority of mine. Not a good thing to forget...

To my family, I miss you all like crazy and think of you every day. Even though I love it down here and am having a great time and learning a lot, I still can't wait to see everyone again! (71 days until I come home for Thanksgiving, by the way).

A little of what has been going on in my life...
I've been in class for almost 2 full weeks now and am already loving it. My professors are amazing and I know I will learn a lot from them. The small classes are exactly what I had hoped for. It's very personal and much easier to get help when needed. My largest class is of about 40 people, and my smallest is 13. Pretty crazy since Tabby said there are 250 people in her Psychology class at Tech. It's hard for me to imagine!!
I've visited so many wonderful churches down here. I guess I've gone to 5 or 6 and have pretty much narrowed my choice to 2. Of course, a big factor is where I can get a it looks like North Livingston will be the most commonly visited congregation while I live in Temple Terrace.
Saturday, a group of my friends went to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). The museum itself was pretty lame...but we had a really good time together and ate at Chick-Fil-A afterwards. So much fun! I already have fantastic friends down here.
Sunday evening I went to a devo and dinner at President Payne's home. At what other college would you get the opportunity to go to the school president's house and eat homemade chili and cheesecake? Not very many. It's such an intimate experience here at FC...exactly what I was expecting and I love it.
I am happy here, but I really do miss everyone in Manchester!!! I love you all and will try to keep you updated on the stuff going on in my life. 

With love,

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