Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My favorite time around here is the evening... When the sun is only half up and a breeze brings the muggy temperature down a bit. The light is glorious at this time of day and I can't help but drink the beauty Florida has to offer. Different from Tennessee's beauty, but still beautiful. I had been trying to capture this sunkissed time of day, but it has been so humid that my lense just fogged over...But it happened finally. I got pictures! I can't get over how BLUE the sky is at this time of day... Maybe I don't notice it as much in the middle of the day because the sun is so bright everything looks white? Either way, it's ridiculous.

                                       See the sky? So. Blue.

It's funny. Florida lanscaping and vegetation is not particularly exciting to me... Everything looks pretty much the same. Once you've seen one palm tree, you've seen all palm trees. And Spanish moss is really only "myseriously pretty" for a few weeks. But I still enjoy the scenery.

 These things are EVERYWHERE.

 And for entertainment purposes, here's Kristina with her ukelele.
As we get farther into September...I really start to crave fall. A Tennessee fall. With a warm palette of reds and browns...the smell of fall. And I'm really saddened by this 90 degree weather. I WANT TO WEAR SCARVES. I mean, Starbucks has its Pumpkin Spice Latte out! I want fall! It's too bright here...too...summer. Summer is my least favorite season. -_- So to create my own bit of autumn, I've been drinking spiced apple cider and looking at pictures I took a few years ago on my uncle's mountain.

There's just something about Tennessee in the fall that makes me feel...cozy. And not Tampa weather could ever replace my love for autumn in the mountains.

My all time favorite autumn memories are when my parents and I would stay in my aunt and uncle's camper on the lake. Every morning, bundled in hats and sweatshirts, we would light a fire and sip cider while breakfast cooked on the grill. Every season is prettier on the lake. The early morning autumn sun over the water while we relaxed and fished...or even the comfort of the heat in the camper when we settled down to watch a movie and enjoy each other's company, only to start over the next in a routine that was as comforting as the warmth of hot cider on cool mornings.


Not only do I miss spening time on the lake that is now closed for camping, but I miss the way things were. place everything felt in life. How I was still a child and didn't have the worries I now face every day... Autumn brings back the feeling of being a child, so faithful and full of wonder for the world. The desire to drink up information and grow to the best of my ability. It brings back the tastes, the smells, the pictures of a simpler time. And not that I don't love my current life; I do. I really do. But it's different, and sometimes I miss what was. Fall brings bit of that back every year.


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