Friday, September 7, 2012

Heeeeey, PSI BETA!

Monday the 3rd was Society Night. Now, before I really get into the goings on of this iconic FC event, I'm going to explain what a society is for those of you who don't quite get it.
A lot of colleges have sororities and fraternities. These groups are well known for the hard core "let's get wasted" parties and some other promiscuous and immoral/inappropriate actions that FC obviously does not approve of. Also, sororities and fraternities are separated by gender. Well, societies are one of the few co-ed things here. (Not really...It's not like they make us eat in separate cafeterias or anything. We just have separate dorms and sports teams...)
So. What have we learned?
  • Societies are co-ed
  • Societies have fun but do not have wild parties as generally thought of with college groups
Good. Now, let's move on. FC has 6 societies: Kappa Omicron, Omega, Arete, Phi Sigma Chi, Zeta Phi Epsilon, and Psi Beta Gamma. During the year, the societies compete in various things including sports, attendance, community service, and a whole slew of other great things.
  Society night is when everyone interested in joining a society gathers in Hutchinson Auditorium to watch videos created by the officers of each group. Then, we all run to the other side of campus to sign up. I joined Psi Beta Gamma along with most of my friends.
Here's their video.
Incredible, right?

Thursday was the first society event: Kickball. We were playing KO who is known to be one of the most intense societies athletically...and we're Psi Beta. We aren't known for being great athletes. But it produced two great and amazingly fun games! KO Girls and Guys both won, but we had an awesome time cheering on our team mates and getting to know each other. We didn't even notice it was pouring down rain!! ; )

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  1. Oh my Bob! I'm so happy you finally posted something! It was great getting to read about your college experience! :D


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